We are a company that specializes in a wide range of services in the field of technology and security. Based in České Budějovice, we are a reliable partner in the installation of camera systems, security systems, management of internal networks, installation of smart home elements and also in the field of car repair.

"In the beginning, the idea was to do things differently."

We have qualified and experienced professionals in our team, who are ready to provide you with technically advanced and safe installations, management and repairs. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly adapt to new trends and technologies, which allows us to offer our customers modern and efficient solutions.

"Unifying all our clients' systems for ease of use is our main vision and we improve it every year."

The key values ​​that guide us at T&D Services are reliability, professionalism and innovation. We are committed to our mission of providing the highest standard of service to our customers. We emphasize an individual approach to the needs of each client and ensure that our solutions exactly meet your expectations.

"Keeping up with technology is a never-ending struggle, and that's why we're here for you."

Tomáš Pojar


David Beran